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Nicole Mathot

Nicole Mathot worked with Oxfam Novib for over 18 years and now as a Senior Program Officer with CNV International and also as a Freelance Consultant. These are all topics we also encounter with STNF. And she has been in the Amazon in Ecuador herself where she has seen firsthand the horrible consequences the oil companies give to the rainforest.

She has also worked for the foundation Oxfam Novib in South America and has a lot of experience with “Land rights, food and water”, with “economic- and gender justice” and with “Land Tenure, Gender, Inclusive & Sustainable Development”. As an advisor to STNF she is a very valuable asset to the foundation. She has a huge bag full of experiences on how Foundations work, and can also help a lot with specific topics STNF and CNBN encounter with land rights, sustainable development and indigenous tribes.

Motivation Nicole Mathot, advisor at STNF

"In 2016 I visited Ecuador and the Galapagos with my family: my partner and our 14 years old son. A voyage that has made a big impression on me. Our trip was organized by Dorien Dijkstra from Green & Native and Javier Armijos was our local guide.

Although relatively small in size, Ecuador has a very rich and diverse cultural history and encompasses several climate zones all with their own ecosystem. It includes the Amazon rainforest, the Andes Mountains, Coastal region and the Galapagos Islands.

The Amazon is thought of as one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world and we wanted to share this experience with our son. During our stay in the Amazon we were both impressed by its beauty and appalled by the advancing deforestation and pollution caused by logging and oil companies. After our return I decided to support the STNF in their purchase of land to form a strategic buffer zone against further encroachment of the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants, the Huaorani people".