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Forest Medicine

Most types of medication have their roots in the rainforest

While most medications are synthetically produced these days, we wouldn’t have discovered these without natural sources. Without these discoveries, many of us would still be dying of diseases that we can easily cure today. As an example, the native tribes discovered the use of quinine to fight malaria. The rainforest holds much promise for further discoveries of medication and cures, as we have only explored a fraction of its vast diversity in plants and trees. As we destroy the forest, we are also destroying opportunities for curing diseases that we don’t have under control yet. This means that saving the rainforest is a crucial challenge.

Besides medicine, the rainforest is also a great source of inspiration for the cosmetics industry, which uses the fruits of the forest for the creation of new shampoos, crèmes and scents. Saving the rainforest makes good business sense!

If we help to save the Huaoranis rainforest, they might help us with new medicine. They use the medicines from the forest for ages, and they know exactly where to find which cure… Do we want to let this disappear, or shall we ask for their help? First we need to help them keep their medicine cabin healthy and full!

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