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"... When you walk through the rainforest you can feel the wealth of oxygen in the air. It gives you substantial energy and you feel fit and vital! All of your body can function fully... "

The lungs of our planet
The trees are an important source of oxygen. Using the energy from the sun, water and minerals, they convert CO2 into oxygen (O2) in a process called photosynthesis. The intense sun exposure that occurs around the equator helps produce trees that grow taller and faster than anywhere else on the planet. The trees in these forests are on average much older than trees found in areas of human habitation, and therefore the quality of air, and specifically the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, is considerably lower. For these reasons, the rainforest is considered the "lungs of our planet '.

The Amazon produces around 20% of our daily oxygen. Just imagine if you had to live with 20% less oxygen. Imagine yourself going for a run on a Sunday night… Slowly but surely you start taking some deep breaths after a while to provide your organs with enough oxygen to produce energy for you to continue. The fresh air makes you feel good and produces enough oxygen for you to continue your run successfully and come home in a good state. But now, imagine you had to do your same ten kilometer run on your Sunday night wearing a very tight knot. We simply cannot live without our oxygen. Therefor the Amazon, being on of the largest sources of oxygen, needs our protection.

Let’s provide her with what she needs to survive, so that she can keep providing us with what we need to survive.

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