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Oil Pollution

Oliepomp peligro

In four decades, seismic testing, pipe-laying, road building and toxic waste spillages have devastated the terrain, polluted habitats severely affected the health and well-being of local communities. Animal, plant and human alike.

Oil pollution is probably the number one threat to life in the Amazon. It does not only cause a short term disaster by poisoning animals, plants and humans but it also has unfathomable long term consequences. The billions of tons of toxic waste dumped by polluting companies in the Amazon river finds it way into the heart of the Amazon ecosystems. The toxic nestles deep within the soil that feeds plants, the plants feed the animals, most herbivores feed carnivores and in the end of the food chain it also feeds us humans. An ever continuing cycle that feeds animals and humans alike.

The only difference now, is that the whole food chain is being poisoned which leads to massive extinction, which cripples the current Amazon ecosystem and which eventually will cripple us.

Change is inevitable. Without it we will, and already are, poisoning ourselves, our family and our friends no matter where we are in the world. But we can make the difference, together.