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Frederique van der Wal


In 2010 I was asked for the television series ‘Waar is de Mol ? with tv personality Johnny de Mol in the Netherlands. I was allowed to choose the location anywhere in the world. My dream and deepest wish was to go to the Amazon and be able to meet an indigenous tribe . That dream became a reality and changed me profoundly. We went to Ecuador into the heart of the Amazon. I was so moved by the magic of the incredible biodiverse and mighty forest. I was in awe of the Huaorani people and their way of living . Stalin was an amazing guide who use to live with them and taught me alot about their way of life and whats happening. Realizing that the Huaorani’s way of life isthreatened and destroyed every day by oil companies and loggers and the disappearing of this pristine forest is disastrous for us all. Upon return I was so moved by my trip and the fate of the Huaorani’s and the Amazon,I felt compelled to do something to help. So I told myself, if there is anything I can do, I will. 

I became the ambassador to the Save The Native Forest.
I was able to raise quite some monies for the foundation through a collaboration with Samsung and I have continued my support in many ways to raise awareness and funds.