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Save the Native Forest - Save The Native Forest

The Foundation Save The Native Forest (STNF) is based in The Netherlands.
STNF has the following tasks:

  1. Raising awareness for the importance of protecting of this rainforest
  2. Looking for partners to do Research to discover new values of Native Forest
  3. Being in direct communication with CNBN (daughter foundation in Ecuador), planning projects with them
  4. Being responsible for the approval of what the STNF funds are being used for.
  5. Collecting funds to make it all happen and to protect crucial areas of primary rainforest in the Amazon in Ecuador, with the purpose to also protect a much larger area of forest behind it.

To be able to do the actual work of protecting the rainforest in the Amazon in Ecuador and to be able to act in a legal way, with local knowledge and local help, STNF initiated the founding of another foundation in Ecuador, called Conservemos Nuestros Bosques Nativos (CNBN). STNF stays very well informed about the current situation in Ecuador, always directly and if necessary on a daily basis.

Founder Stalin Armijos

“I was born, and grew up in a small poor village, on the south coast of Ecuador, in a family of eight children. I was 14 when I first travelled to Coca, looking for opportunities to have a better life. Coca was a very small village at the time, on the other side of the country.

Founder Dorien Dijkstra

Entering the Ecuadorian Amazon, I always feel so intensely happy. All this oxygen and energy makes you feel good right away and also the richness of life all around you is overwhelming. Since my first trip in 1997 I have met many friends there and also my husband, who have all taught me lots about the rainforest.

Frederique van der Wal

In 2010 I was asked for the television series ‘Waar is de Mol ? with tv personality Johnny de Mol in the Netherlands. I was allowed to choose the location anywhere in the world. My dream and deepest wish was to go to the Amazon and be able to meet an indigenous tribe . That dream became a reality and changed me profoundly.

Nicole Mathot

Nicole Mathot has worked over 25 years in development cooperation for non governmental organisations such as Save the Children, CILC, Oxfam and ActionAid. In addition to her current work as a free lance consultant on land rights & gender she also works as a senior program officer for CNV Internationaal on inclusive economic development, gender justice and sustainable supply chains. Nicole has worked in Africa, Asia and Latin America and has a special interest in indigenous peoples' land rights. She has been in the Amazon in Ecuador herself where she has firsthand seen the negative impact of oil companies on the rainforest.

Max Stoffelsma

“When I was younger I was very attracted to nature and the forests all around me, every day I examined all different sort of insects and other animals. I was also very interested in nature and its miracles. When I grew a little bit older I started to actually understand the value of nature. This was the reason I got upset about people ruining nature because they wanted to profit from nature, just for them self. Although nature is so valuable for every one of us, in my opinion some don’t seem to get that.

Jordy Muus

“When I was seven I saw an advertisement for the Amazon on TV about how the forest was being destroyed so rapidly and, for me most importantly at that moment, how the most magical animals were on the edge of extinction. So I was seven when I first told my mom: “I am going to buy the rainforest, so that it is under my protection!”. I never forgot what I said that day, so when I was sixteen I first tried to start a foundation concerning the conservation of the rainforest.