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Founder Dorien Dijkstra

Entering the Ecuadorian Amazon, I always feel so intensely happy. All this oxygen and energy makes you feel good right away and also the richness of life all around you is overwhelming. Since my first trip in 1997 I have met many friends there and also my husband, who have all taught me lots about the rainforest.

I met the Huaoranis, an indigenous tribe who live deep in the pristine forest, “the Real World” as they call it. I learned how much the power of biodiversity has to offer to mankind, and I have been amazed time and time again, how little the world knows about this. It is puzzling to me how people want to use everything to their benefits, but this enormous chance for mankind, they don’t even care to explore. There are so many medicine to be discovered, materials, understandings on how things function. The world seem to know so little about the influence of rainforest in the making of clean air and oxygen, in the regulation of water on earth and in all these things.

I would like to help find ways to open up the forest for discovering benefits to mankind, while proving that the forest needs to stay pristine and untouched to be able to provide us all these things.

I also wish that the Huaoranis and other forest people and their way of life with and within the forest will be respected.

Personally we have been helping the Huaoranis in their battle to protect the forest, and with the foundations STNF and CNBN we can do even more. I wish that all people who want to do something, but have no idea how, want to join us in our work and start donating and spreading the word, so we can do more for the world and its future.