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Founder Stalin Armijos

“I was born, and grew up in a small poor village, on the south coast of Ecuador, in a family of eight children. I was 14 when I first travelled to Coca, looking for opportunities to have a better life. Coca was a very small village at the time, on the other side of the country.

Here I met Huane for the first time, the chief of the Huaorani Community “Ñoneno”. Huane is a very kind and hospitable person, who generously invited me to his Community. Since I didn’t know anyone or any place to stay or go I decided to go with him. During the eight hours trip to his house through the rainforest, I completely fell in love with that new world I was seeing and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. It was like a dream. The beautiful nature and the people I met, changed my life forever. Before I knew it, two years had passed, while it still felt like I had just arrived. Thanks to this new family I have learned so much about the ability and the importance of the biodiversity of the forest. I have seen and experienced many incredible things, that will always stay in my thoughts and in my heart.

Besides my wife and children, the forest and its people will always be my inspiration to fight every day and keep going forward. During all these years I have also noticed the immense deforestation and pollution which are happening to this incredible place and also the threats to the people and all the species who live there. This is the main reason why I decided to start the foundation in 2010. I want to help preserve and protect this valuable place and its inhabitants, which I consider my home and my family.

I cannot do it on my own, so would you please help me? Together we can be very strong. Thank you!”