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Big step towards Bosque Protector

The Foundation has 450 ha rainforest, very strategically located in the Amazon of Ecuador and with this rainforest, we also protect all of it behind it, such as the East side of the Huaorani Territory. This “Bosque Protector” is a protective status, which helps to keep the rainforest better protected. But it is very difficult to get it.

So far our people of daughter foundation CNBN on the scene in Ecuador, have been visiting for over 2 years already, the offices of the ministry of environment every week, asking for the signatures so we can proceed with papers and finally start this process.

But so far the officials kept coming up with new reasons why this could not be done yet. Reasons like they made a mistake and the measurements had to be taken again with GPS, so our guys had to take them all the way to the rainforest again to take the measurements, again. Or there was a mistake made in a paper and we had to go to another ministry to make yet another new paper. Then our CNBN guys had to go to Quito a few times to talk to another ministry about the Zone Intangible, which is an area where the uncontacted tribes of Tageari and Taromenanes live freely. They wanted to prevent that we could get the papers because of this. But now finally there was a good guy who understood the situation and he concluded that it would be the best for this rainforest to be in our hands, because that way also the rainforest of this Zone Intangible would be more protected, which is good for the uncontacted people. Finally. So this might not see a big step, but it is.

The people in the offices we have to deal with, are not particular keen on giving this so much wanted status to the foundation, because then we don’t have to pay taxes for the land no more. And, they may even have to pay us money which the government offers to people who want to give their land a protective status, within specific rules. So to us this was a huge victory. It had cost a lot of unnecessary time and energy, but it seems we can finally proceed.

Of course we are still looking for money to finance this process, but we are very hopeful.  

This declaration of the ministries that us protecting these grounds actual helps to keep the uncontacted tribes safe, even strengthens us in our believes that we are doing the right things that actual matter!