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Amazon river dolphinsThe Foundation Save The Native Forest (STNF) is based in The Netherlands.
STNF has the following tasks:

  1. Raising awareness for the importance of protecting of this rainforest
  2. Looking for partners to do Research to discover new values of Native Forest
  3. Being in direct communication with CNBN (daughter foundation in Ecuador), planning projects with them
  4. Being responsible for the approval of what the STNF funds are being used for.
  5. Collecting funds to make it all happen and to protect crucial areas of primary rainforest in the Amazon in Ecuador, with the purpose to also protect a much larger area of forest behind it.

Save The Native Forest urgently needs your help! Only together can we put an end to the destruction of the rainforest.

If you like to give us your personal information, please fill in the take the Initiative form or become a Forest Friend.

The easiest and most efficient way of making your donation is directly transferred from your bank account to the bank account of STNF (Offline Payment). There are two bank accounts for offline payments in euros and dollars, here is all details of STNF bank account:

Addressed to: Save The Native Forest

EUR donations: IBAN: NL41ABNA0572389256

USD donations: IBAN: NL19ABNA0572697627

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Save the The Native Forest

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