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By working strongly together as a family we have managed to save 4.5 million square meters of rainforest already. This area is considered one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. We have only been able to achieve this thanks to people like you! The area is now a safe haven for countless of species of animals and the indigenous people. Which is incredibly necessary, because no one deserves to see their homes destroyed. All life’s matter.

STNF by hands of CNBN has purchased 4.5 million square meters of rainforest, located in critical areas in the beginning of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador. With protecting these strategically situated parts of rainforest, we also protect the rainforest behind it. So a huge part of rainforest is save now, and we work every day to keep it save.

In the rainforest behind the parts we have, live the indigenous tribes the Huaoranis and also the uncontacted Tagaeris and Taromenanes. They are one with the nature around them and with helping them to continue living as they do, we help the rainforest.

Not by helping them to westernize, but by helping them to stay as they are.

Location of the STNF/CNBN rainforest

ecuador map south america
South America with Ecuador

Ecuador with in green Yasuni NP and in brown/pinkish the Huaorani Territory.
NB. We write Huaorani, but in the US they mostly use Waorani; these are the same people.

Yasuni es rs

The Yasuni NP and the Huaorani Territory.
the territory is kind of divided in a left and a right part. This is because there was a road built by the oil companies about 50 years ago. Colonists started living around the road and so this is why this part around the road is green now in the map.

At the end of the road (which you can see, the line from north to south), the left and right part of the Territory is still connected.

The left part (west) is the most ‘civilized’ part and most accessible, and therefore other foundations focus on these Huaorani communities.

We are only focused on the right part.


STNF CNBN Huaorani Territory Ecuador

The Yasuni NP and the Huaorani Territory

1 = the ground of the foundation (STNF and CNBN)
2 = the communidad of Ñoneno, this is the first village from the bridge and this is where Stalin and Javier Armijos have lived.
3 = the communidad Bameno (also sometimes called Sandoval), and this is where Frederique van der Wal has been with Johnny de Mol in the tv-show “Waar is de Mol”.

2 and 3 are the main communities, and in between them there are some more families living. In total there are about 3.000 Huaorani people left. In this Eastern half of the Huaorani Territory there live around 500 people. They are all kind of related and know each other very well.

They of course know all of them, but they have less contact with the Huaoranis from the other (west) side of the bridge.