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How we’ve accomplished our success…



We believe that it is most important to work with direct lines with people that know the areas, the inhabitants and the importance but most of all we work only with people that care and respect the forest and its inhabitants. We have met countless of people that have made a true difference for the native forests and we are happy to collaborate and communicate with many of them still to this day. This collaboration has led to the founding of Fundacion Conservemos Nuestors Bosques Nativos (CNBN). The foundation is a daughter organisation of ours based in Ecuador. With the knowledge, the skills and the trust of our partners, and friends, there we have been able to do amazing things together. They are top professionals, that love the forest and know everything there is to know about how to care for her. With their, and your, support we can guarantee progress.

This collaboration also makes it a lot easier to always stay up to date with the developments on the ground. Which is very important, because otherwise it is hard to keep up with the illegal logging and oil pollution. In some sense they are the safe keepers of their own environment and we help them by providing everything they need to succeed and expand.



An important factor in the fight to preserve the native forest is you, your family, your neighbours, everyone. But we know and understand that for many people it is just too far away to know about what is truly happening, why it is happening, at what pace it is happening and why it has to STOP. If you want to learn more about this subject we provide more information on the importance of native forest and the threats that it faces here.

But apart from our website we want to share with everyone who is interested our knowledge about the beauty, the importance and the disaster that is taking place there. That is why we focus on bringing the beauty of the forest a bit closer to home by giving presentations, workshops and launching campaigns. By doing this we hope to show everyone that we live in one world, a world in which the only way to sustain life is to work together, respect, trust and support each other. Animal, plant and human alike. We want you to know that you are important to us, your family, your friends and everyone, everything around you that is why we do what we do to sustain a future for us, together. Are we important to you too?



There is still so much to discover in the primary rainforest of the Amazon.

Medicine for example, the origin of many medicines we use now is from here. For example the anesthetic medicine which is used in modern hospitals, has its origin in the vine Curare. This is the same vine which the Huaoranis use to dip in their arrows to paralyze the muscles of their pray. And there are so many more medicine to be found, but of course this requires more research. We also find talking to local people can teach us a lot about the use of plants and learn from their way of life. For example how come Huaorani people never get any type of cancer?

Specific materials are also used from the amazon, for example the threads of a spiderweb which is so incredible strong that it has become the origin of the Kevlar bulletproof vests that are used these days for protection. And there are so many more materials we could use in our modern lives, if we only knew they existed.

Specific natural solutions are worth researching, for example the reason why some birds fly faster than others (with aerodynamics), or animals can run faster than others (way they are built). Can we learn from the way a spider builds his web, or a bird built his nest? And so on. Nature can provide us with the best solutions.

Solvation for modern problems we have, such as the plastic soup in our oceans, which might be conquered by water-resistant plastic eating fungus, found in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest. Of course we cannot just throw these fungus out there, we need to study them very carefully first, to find out exactly how we might put them to use.

Research on flora and fauna will also give us more insight on how nature functions and how it can help us in our battle against floods and climate changes.

STNF is open for researchers to come to the STNF rainforest to do Research. There is already contact with different Universities, which will be extended in the following years.



To directly protect the Ecuadorian Amazon the foundation purchases areas of the native forest. In principle the critical areas bordering on one side to the Huaorani territory have been chosen. This way they can help us protect the forest and we can help protect theirs. Another reason for this strategic position is that it helps to protect the surrounding areas from polluting companies as well. The purchase process is thought through very well. This way we have been able to protect a considerable area of crucial forest without having to purchase all of it. Efficient and effective!

In total we’ve purchased 450 hectares of native forest. But in reality by doing this we have managed to save much more thanks to the strategic position of our areas.

We have many more fun activities planned in the near future, so stay tuned!