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With STNF we raise money and awareness, and with our Ecuadorian daughter-foundation CNBN we protect rainforest in critical areas. With protecting these strategically situated parts of rainforest, we also protect the rainforest behind it. Here live the indigenous tribes the Huaoranis and also the uncontacted Tagaeris and Taromenanes.

So we raise awareness on how special the rainforest is and the people in it. And also how important it is that we help them protecting this rainforest, which is so important to the world. And we do this. They are one with the nature around them and with helping them to continue living as they do, we help the rainforest.

Not by helping them to westernize, but by helping them to stay as they are.

How we do it?

We work very closely and in direct contact with our local friends of CNBN who are the real heroes, working directly with the amazing rainforest and it’s awful threats.

We and CNBN also work directly with the Huaoranis who still live isolated in the wild East side of their Territory, who are as family to us and asked for our help.

And we also work with all kinds of other local people, because without knowing exactly how things work locally and the help and support of the local communities around the forest, this work could not be done.

Why would you support us?

We need you! STNF and CNBN could not do this work without your help. Although we work without huge overhead or office costs, and we do it mostly with people who work with their hearts and as volunteers, the work itself cost a lot of money. Making papers, (ministry of environment) engineers-, notary- and lawyer bills, traveling back and forth to different departments and the rainforest itself with cars, canoes, outboard motors, gasoline, etc. And now we like to make Bosque Protector, the protective status, and that is also a process which cost a lot of money. Every ten euros or dollars help!