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The lungs of the planet, the world’s water tap and the home of millions.
“The foundation tries to create a broad awareness about the importance of the Native Forests and discovering new values that the Native Forests can offer us by using the ability of its biodiversity and collecting funds to directly protect crucial areas where this biodiversity and ecosystems are threatened in any way. All in a close collaboration with the local inhabitants.”



We bring people together that care and want the best for our world through activities, volunteer and ambassador programs. We work together as a family and include everyone who wants to stand up for what he or she believes is right. A change is made together.



We travel throughout the countries to give presentations, do workshops and organize activities for everyone that wants to listen, have fun and is interested. On our journey peoples voices are the key to success.



But also we want to create research possibilities to learn new things from the values of the Amazon. This way we can show the world how the Amazon contains even more value than we now know. We learn from the Amazon and educate her teachings.



We realize that the most important thing of all is to protect the Amazon. Eliminating the threats that the Amazon faces on a daily basis is a number one priority. We realize this in different ways. One of them is purchasing strategically located areas, which also protects all the rainforest behind it.

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